Golf swing tips - 1: How to cure a slice

Can't get rid of that annoying slice? Check out our top tips to cure it...

Golf swing tips - 1: How to cure a slice

This is the first article in our ten of the best golf swing tips for beginners series.

For a right-hander, the slice is a shot that starts straight or left and then curves to the right of the target (Fig.1).

More often than not a beginner will hit slices off the tee, so I've compiled five top tips below to help you hit the ball straighter...

1. Close clubface at address and strengthen grip

Often a loose grip, particularly with a driver, can mean the clubface opens during your downswing which can in-turn lead to a slice. So keep your grip firm and close the clubface slightly at address.

2. Ball needs to be further back in stance

If the ball is far forward in your stance then the natural swing path your club takes will mean you'll come across the ball at impact. So put the ball further back and hit 20 balls on the range to make it feel more natural.

3. Wider stance and stand closer to ball

Having a stable base for any of your shots is very important so set up with your feet at least shoulder width apart, if not more, and try not to reach for the ball (Fig.2).

4. Make sure you're not aiming left

It seems simple enough but at address your feet will feel like they're pointing straight to the target when more often than not they're actually slightly open. Get a playing partner to help you square up (Fig.3).

5. You may have an out-to-in swing path

If you naturally have an out-to-in swing path, which would cause a natural fade, then set up using our first four tips and you should be left with a 5-10 yard fade rather than a 30 yard slice.

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