Golf tip: When you're in deep...

Five things to remember in the rough

Fri, 6 Aug 2010

Golf tip: When you're in deep...

The recent combination of sun, wind and rain in the UK has certainly toughened up the rough on many courses. Playing out of it is one of the hardest shots in golf and it's hard to gauge how your ball will emerge.

However, while it's unpredictable how your shot will turn out, there are some adjustments you can make to control the affects of club on ball.

1. Select the right club
If the grass is not too deep but growing toward you and therefore away from the target, take at least one more club than you would normally play for the distance compared to if you were in the fairway or in semi-rough.

If the grass is a little deeper, select more loft and don't be overambitious with your distance. Getting back in play is the first essential.

2. Address the ball closer to your toes
Standing closer to the golf ball will help you swing the golf club more upright with a sharper angle of attack. This gets the clubhead in and out of the grass more quickly, reducing the overall effect the grass will have on your golf club.

And be sure to position the ball a little further back in your stance to help that steeper angle. If the grass is growing towards your target, then you can usually afford to take one less club than normal as the ball will tend to fly out with less spin.

3. Open the clubface
If the lie is not great and only visible overhead, chances are you're not going to be able to completely stop the grass from grabbing the hosel , causing the clubface to close at impact. By opening the clubface at address and re-gripping firmly through the shot, you will be able to help offset the effect the grass has on the clubface.

4. Cock your wrists
It's all about steep angles when playing from deep rough. The less contact with the grass the better, so attacking the ball from on top of the grass as opposed to through it is best.

So cocking the wrists early in the backswing will help hit down on the back of the ball and pop it out.

5.  Hang on tight
With a shot from deepish rough, forget those lessons about light grip pressure for a normal shot. This needs some muscle.

Because the grass tends to grab and twist the clubhead just ahead of impact, by taking a firmer grip to the handle will help to generate more power to extract the ball from its predicament.

*Don't be too ambitious

*Select more loft

*Open the clubface

*Stand closer to the ball

*Come down steeply

*Grip firmly through impact