Golf Practice Drills: putting aim point

PGA coach Simon Garner shows us a great drill for judging line and length on breaking putts

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Fri, 21 Jun 2013
1. Use a string to find the aim point

The putting aim point drill is our first putting practice drill in the Putting Practice Drills series.

If you're struggling with the line and length on breaking putts, here's a simple drill to improve your game.

Firstly, set up a length of string from two feet behind the ball to the aiming point (the reference point to were you want to direct the putt).

Make sure the string matches up to your putter's alignment aid when looking over the ball at address. Try the putt a few times, adjusting the aim point until you can consistently hit it within two feet each time.

Click the next slide to see how Simon focuses on the aim point at address...