Toughest Golf Shots: downhill left-to-right putt

Whether you're saving par or going for birdie, this shot is never easy. So check out our top tips to get close

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Tue, 18 Jun 2013
Toughest Golf Shots: downhill left-to-right putt

The downhill left-to-right putt is our third putting article in the Golf's Toughest Putts series.

It's that dreaded putt that never feels comfortable, especially if you're looking to save par or make an important birdie putt. So how do you play it confidently?

We've researched coaching manuals and spoken to professionals to come up with a comprehensive guide to holing the downhill breaking putt.

Here are the top five steps...

1. Spot the apex of the bend

The apex is the top of the natural curve between the ball and the hole. Walking up and down your line will give you a sense of where that it is, trust your first instinct.

2. Pick an aim point

The aim point is where you want to direct your ball to, while considering how much gravity will move it down the slope. Finding a mark or leaf on the green is the best option.

3. Putt to your aim point as if it's the hole

Many amateurs make the mistake of putting at the hole rather than where they want to hit it before gravity takes action. Set up as if the aim point is the hole and don't look at the target until the ball breaks the apex.

4. Always try to miss high

If you get the line and length wrong low of the hole there's no chance it will go in but getting it wrong up the slope could mean it dropping in with a poor contact, for instance.

5. Use the putter toe

If you keep over hitting it or jabbing at the stroke, start to use the toe. This will mean you can have a smoother longer stroke but the ball will not travel as far.

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