Toughest Golf Shots: downhill breaking putt

It's that uncomfortable downhill left-to-right putt you don't want to have to save par. PGA professional Matthew Johns shows us how to play it confidently

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Tue, 25 Jun 2013
Toughest Golf Shots: downhill breaking putt
Downhill breaking putt

The downhill breaking putt is our third putting article in the Golf's Toughest Putts series.

If you're lining up for par with a tricky downhill breaking putt, what do you do? PGA coach Matthew Johns has a few simple tips to help us hole it.

One of the toughest putts for the right handed golfer is the downhill left to right putt. It’s all to easy to start the ball on the low side and never give the putt a chance of going in.

The old adage of ‘every putt is a straight putt’ is certainly true an with these tips you should find it easier to get the ball on the right line and at the right pace every time resulting in more holed putts.

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