Toughest Golf Shots: fringe putt (video)

You're wedged up against the second cut or rough just off the green, what are your options? PGA coach Jamie Gylan talks us through the dreaded fringe putt

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Tue, 4 Jun 2013

The fringe putt (video) is our second putting article in the Golf's Toughest Putts series.

Rolling up to the longer grass at the edge of the green is almost unavoidable during a round and once there, many amateurs worry about getting caught in the sticky grass or hitting it long.

Watch the video above where you'll see PGA coach Jamie Gylan demonstrate the right technique. Gylan believes with a simple putting stroke and a slightly innovative choice of club, it can be as manageable as being on the green.

If you can't watch the three minute video, check out Gylan's top tips for playing from the fringe.

Before playing each stroke remember...

- Putter grip: thumbs facing down the shaft.
- Putter stance: feet shoulder width apart.
- Aim is to hit the middle of the ball, avoiding backspin.

Option 1- The 60 degree wedge's front edge

- Open the face.
- Use the leading edge to cut through the longer grass.

Option 2- The toe of a blade putter

- Aim the blade towards your target.
- The blade should push through the grass like a wedge.

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