Colin Montgomerie urges Sky Sports to change one thing at the Solheim Cup

Golf legend Colin Montgomerie calls for an urgent change at this week's Solheim Cup, and many agree...

Colin Montgomerie urges Sky Sports to change one thing at the Solheim Cup
Colin Montgomerie urges Sky Sports to change one thing at the Solheim Cup

Colin Montgomerie has urged Sky Sports Golf to call matches "all square" as opposed to "tied" at the Solheim Cup.

The term "all square" has always been used in match play when a golfer or a team is level with their opposition. 

According to the Historical Dictionary of Golfing Terms, the book makes clear "square" or "all square" as it has been better known throughout the years acts as "standing even, both sides having won the same number of holes".

But in 2019, golf's governing bodies revised the terminology by adding tied as the preferred new term for all square.

During live broadcasts at match play events, Sky Sports Golf now puts "tied" up on the scoreboard as opposed to "A/S". 

But the new term for "all square" does not sit well with the majority of golf fans and even golf legends such as eight-time European Tour Order of Merit champion Montgomerie

Sat in the comfort of his armchair while watching the opening day of the 2023 Solheim Cup unfold at Finca Cortesin in Spain, Montgomerie took aim at the lingo being used during the broadcast. 

Montgomerie tweeted: 

"@SkySportsGolf please a match is all square NOT tied. It is only a tied match when we are playing in the USA and this week we are not. Thank you."

The 31-time European Tour winner is happy with "tied" being used over in the United States, but he thinks "all square" should always be used in Europe, especially at this week's Solheim Cup and the Ryder Cup in Rome next week. 

Lead Sky Sports commentator Ewen Murray himself was in agreement with his fellow Scot, who could not help but pick holes in another golfing revision in his final line. 

Murray tweeted: 

"Quite right Monty. We should never disrespect the history of this game as it’s centuries old. The match can, maybe possibly, end in a “tie” but is all square until then. A “tie” in Scotland, where golf was born, is a match between two people/sides. Tie, pls go to the penalty area."

Former European Ryder Cup captain Ian Woosnam was also united on the subject. 

Woosie tweeted: 

"Well said Monty."

Tony Johnstone, who now also works for Sky Sports, tweeted three clap hands emojis. 

Many other golf fans were in agreement that "tied" should revert back to "all square". 

One fan replied to Monty with: "Thank you! Now can you get the USA to say nil- nil instead of zero - zero?"

Monty responded: "Very true!"

Here's how other fans commented: 

"So true Monty!"

"Monty for Pres"


"Still say all square every time"

"Just another stupid revision"

"We need you back Monty"

"Well said Monty. Next they will be talking nonsense about double eagles after hitting it in the sand traps."

"Bang on Monty, can't stand it"

"Monty has spoken"

"Totally agree"

What do you make of some of golf's latest revisions? Do you say "tied" or "all square" when a match is level? Share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic social media channels. 

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