LPGA player gets DQ'd while calling out fellow golfer for CHEATING!

Here's one of of the craziest golf cheating, DQ stories you will ever read on Tour...

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Fri, 1 Sep 2023
LPGA player gets DQ'd while calling out fellow golfer for CHEATING!

Tour pro Gabby Lemieux was disqualified from an LPGA Q-School event on Thursday while at the same time calling out a fellow player for cheating in the tournament. 

Lemieux, 27, took to her Instagram Story to reveal the crazy incident that played out in the fourth round of the Stage 1 qualifying event in California. 

According to her Story, Lemieux claims she and one of her playing partners "called out a cheater for marking and replacing her ball incorrectly."

She says the caddies in her group also spotted the alleged cheating incident by another player in the field. 

As Lemieux and her playing partner decided what to do in the scoring area, she ended up signing for a wrong scorecard in the process. 

She thought she had signed for a round of 75, but as she was sat in the car afterwards and flicked up the scoreboard on her phone, she realised she had been put down for a 74. 

Lemieux returned to the scorer's hut to make sure the score wasn't just wrong online, but unfortunately she realised she had been put down for a par on the 15th instead of a bogey, which meant she signed for a wrong card. 

She put her mistake down to being "too consumed" with the cheating incident prior to checking her scorecard. 

Here's what Lemieux posted on her Instagram Story: 

 “Another player and I called out a CHEATER today for marking and replacing her ball incorrectly.
"(If you want to play professional golfer, even if it was half an inch off... it is still cheating). 
“While in the scoring area, we hashed it out to figure out what we needed to do. In the process of doing so, I signed a wrong scorecard.
"The lady repeated 75 back to me and I acknowledged that it was right. A score on hole 15 was wrong. I bogied the hole instead of paring. 
“I was sitting in the car when I noticed they had me for a 74. I marched back in there to make sure that the score wasn’t just wrong online.
“Unfortunately, I did sign a wrong scorecard, and I am DQ from Stage 1. I did my part to save the field from a cheater.
“I was too consumed with that to realise a score was wrong on my scorecard. I am glad that I noticed it and called myself out.
“We need more honest people and better professionals to hold themselves to higher standards, so we don’t have to worry about this.
“Protecting the field cost me my own way.
"Sometimes that is just how it goes.”

Lemieux had posted rounds of 70, 73 and 74 prior to her round of 75 and eventual disqualification.

Thankfully for her, the scorecard mistake mattered little in the grand scheme of things as she would have missed the cut for Stage 2. 

Lemieux received a number of messages off the back of what happened. 

Some nice, some not so much. 

Pinch the screen and zoom in to view: 

In one of Lemieux's further Instagram Story posts, she spoke more about the cheating incident prior to her DQ.

Lemieux wrote: 

"The person didn’t put their ball back correctly, unfortunately. It’s not my word against hers.
"Our playing partners and caddies witnessed it also.
"As far as the DQ goes, I went back to the scores tent to show my character and called it on myself.
"I don't cheat and I just wish others would follow."

Pinch the screen and zoom in to view: 

The incident has certainly caused plenty of debate on Twitter following NUCLR Golf's post on it earlier today: 

Check out some of the responses here: 

Lemieux is an Epson Tour member and she joined the circuit in 2018. 

She ranks 156th in the season standings, earning just shy of $2,000 from 17 events. 

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