Brooks Koepka digs out moaning Tour players

Brooks Koepka has spoken out on players moaning about golf courses ahead of the 2019 U.S Open.

Brooks Koepka digs out moaning Tour players
Brooks Koepka digs out moaning Tour players

He's at it again. Straight talking Brooks Koepka. This guy just tells it how it is and on Tuesday, speaking to the media ahead of the 2019 U.S Open at Pebble Beach, Koepka has digged out the other Tour professionals for moaning too much.

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In recent months, Koepka has admitted to being bored during certain holes and most recently he said he couldn't care less about the RBC Candaian Open, with all his focus on the U.S Open at Pebble Beach this week.

We've gotten used to a Brooks Koepka who speaks his mind and tells it how he sees it. Most respect him for it but some are getting a little ored of his outbursts. 

He might speak his mind but Koepka certainly backs it up, having won four majors already and is one of the favourites at Pebble Beach this week, as he looks to win the U.S Open for a third successive year.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday ahead of the U.S Open, Koepka was asked to share his thoughts on why he complains so little on Tour and why so many others seem to complain far too much. His response was very Brooks Koepka...

“I guess the only reason they’re complaining — I mean, everybody has got to play the same golf course,” Koepka said. “So it really doesn’t make a difference. It doesn’t make a difference if you put it in the fairway and you hit every green, there’s really no problem, is there? So obviously they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do. So they’re not playing good enough. If they put it in the fairway, you shouldn’t have to complain about the rough. You hit the greens and you hit it close, you shouldn’t have to complain about the greens.

"I’ve just been never one to complain, make excuses. It doesn’t matter. Nobody wants to hear anybody’s excuse. I find it annoying even when I play with guys and they’re dropping clubs or throwing them or complaining, like telling me how bad the golf course is or how bad this is. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s just something we’ve all got to deal with. If you play good enough, you shouldn’t have a problem.”

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