Data shows increase in female golf participation in 2018

HowDidiDo shows 17% increase in women club members on its site last year. 

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Thu, 16 Aug 2018
Data shows increase in female golf participation in 2018

Golf participation has risen dramatically among women and girls in 2018, according to data from HowDidiDo.


The website, which has logged over 53 million rounds, shows an increase of almost 17% in women club members on the site.

HowDidiDo spokesman Barry Dyett, chairman of Yumax Media, told The Golf Business: “There are no definitive figures available for such things, but with HowDidiDo providing official CONGU handicapping and retaining competition results for more than 1,800 golf clubs, it’s fair to say the data is the most indicative available.

“And what it does illustrate is that recent initiatives to increase participation among lady golfers are starting to pay dividends. It is a long process, of course, but there appear to be green shoots of progress. What surprised me personally was that while lady golfers make up more than 14% of the golfers in our system, they are playing so many more competitions.

“Surely this indicates the enthusiasm is already there among club members – we now need to encourage more transient golfers and juniors to become club members. And that process seems to be under way.”