Eddie Pepperell: King of Twitter strikes again!

You won't believe Pepperell's latest Twitter antics!

Eddie Pepperell: King of Twitter strikes again!

Eddie Pepperell might just be the best tweeter in the golfing world. Time and time again he has his followers in histarics with his witty comments on Twitter and he was at it again the other night, turning a sensitive topic into something we could all smile about.

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The next stop on the European Tour is the controversial Saudi International in Saudi Arabia, with many saying that the event shouldn't be taking place in the Middle Eastern country, due to last year's killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist who had spoken out against Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Washington Post columns. 

The debate has been going on for weeks, with some defending why the European Tour stars should play in the event and others slating them, saying they shouldn't be involved after what occurred.

Eddie Pepperell is set to play in the event and thought he would lighten the mood on the subject with a brilliant tweet! Check it out below...



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