Bags of style from John Letters and Mizuno

New stand bags are colourful and practical

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Tue, 18 Sep 2012
Bags of style from John Letters and Mizuno

John Letters of Scotland has added a Sam Torrance-inspired stand bag to its range that is available in black/white, blue/white/black and grey/black/white.

Featuring an eight-way mesh aero top for easier separation, it comes with ten varied-size pockets for clothing, valuables, accessories, balls and drinks.

The bag, available at £109, also has a ventilated dual strap system allowing the weight of the bag to be spread across your back and shoulders as you stride the fairways. It also has wider automatic legs for better balance as you set it down.?

Among the extras included is a special tool to personalise your ball.

Meanwhile Mizuno is introducing a new eye-catching range of its exotic coloured Aerolite X bag designs. The stand bags have all the dividers and pockets you'd expect and will sell for around £100.

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