Callaway clubs and balls for women

Solaire brand set to make its mark

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Mon, 15 Feb 2010

A nine-club set of golf equipment for women has been launched by Chessington-based Callaway Golf. The Solaire range of women's golf products - including a new pink Solaire ball - are designed to make the game easier for mid-to-high handicap players.
The Solaire package set of clubs features an 'energy efficient' clubhead design - the result of extensive research into the swing characteristics of a wide range of women golfers. The lightweight heads all have draw bias and higher lofts, as well as lighter grips and shafts, and allow women to  swing the club efficiently with power and generate increased distance.
British-born Alan Hocknell, senior vice president of Research & Development at Callaway Golf in San Diego says: “We’ve spent countless hours researching the way women swing and play golf in an effort to design equipment that promotes shots that fly farther, higher and straighter.
“Women were heavily involved in the design process of these sets, both from a performance standpoint and on the aesthetic side. Solaire represents the latest example of our commitment to the women’s game, and we’re confident this equipment will help many reach new heights on the course.”
 ?The Solaire set, priced at £449, is designed to allow beginners to go straight from the shop to the course with everything they need to get the ball airborne and hitting the fairway and consists of an all-titanium driver, a stainless steel fairway wood, two hybrids, a mid-iron, two wedges, a mallet putter and a versatile cart bag.
Using the development expertise of the engineers that create the successful Tour i range of Callaway balls, the Solaire golf ball has been exclusively created to bring out the best in a woman’s golf game and features a distinctive luminous finish and Callaway’s exclusive HEX aerodynamics. It has a soft, resilient core to help increase carry and distance is available in white or pink, priced at £14.99 per dozen.

We’re confident this equipment will help many reach new heights on the course