Feel the Fear - new name in clubs

Ergonomically friendly equipment for both children and adults - in the growing market bid to attract new golfers.

Feel the Fear - new name in clubs
Feel the Fear - new name in clubs
Feel the Fear sets for kids

European Tour pro John Bickerton has been signed up as global ambassador for ‘Feel the Fear’, suppliers of an exciting new range of golf clubs for both children and adults.

For as little as £69.95 the company offers a boxed junior set which includes a driver, three irons, a putter and a weatherproof carry bag with dual shoulder straps.

Says FTF director Laurie Flynn: "While the products look great and will really get children enthusiastic about taking up the game, I consider it more important that they are the right size, weight and feel to enable kids to develop technique and muscles correctly and safely.

"Bright colours and a jazzy logo are one thing, but if the game is to do the right thing by its junior players, it has to give them equipment that is ergonomically correct so their skill and confidence can be nurtured. It also helps mums and dads that they’re very keenly priced."

The clubs are aimed at six to 12 year-olds.

Flynn says much care has been taken to ensure the components are durable, with carbon shafts and leather-feel grips. The clubhead on the driver is titanium and those on the irons are stainless steel. The mallet-style putter has an insert for better feel and forgiveness.

The company also produce men’s half and full boxed sets including a 400cc driver with an enlarged sweetspot, graphite shaft, soft wrap grip and headcover.

Irons have stainless steel oversize heads with steel shafts and soft wrap grips. The heel-toe weighted putter also has a headcover. The set contains a stand bag with graphite friendly dividers and several pockets. The full sets, which include 3- and 5-wood and nine irons (3-SW) cost £249.95 while the half sets are available from £129.95.

For your nearest stockist call 0113 255 4114.

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