Game improvement irons for 2012

Six top-of-the-range game improvement irons for 2012 that will help spring your game into action

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 7 Mar 2012

UPDATE: 2013 Club Test - Ten of the best game improvement irons

When attempting to improve my game, I’ve always focused heavily on two aspects - driving and putting. Once happy, I’ll move onto the short irons and if time permits, those dreaded longer ones.

With such a low ball flight, mainly because of my brisk, Nick Price-style action, hitting balls with my 4- and 5-iron has proved somewhat detrimental to my game. Balls seem to fly into the green like a scolded cat rather land like a feather.

But after re-focusing my goals in 2012, reversing that order completely by treating myself to some new game-improvement irons, I'm already feeling more confident.

And it makes sense. More than half the shots in any round involve the use of an iron - whether it’s off the tee on a par-3 or short par-4, from the fairway on a par-5 or a long par-4 or on the approach into the green.

The game-improvement iron – a concept that originated before I was born in the mid 1980s – has the sole purpose of combining forgiveness with playability enabling us to hit the ball further, straighter and more consistently than ever. And to my delight, airborne!

All of the different iron sets available on the market incorporate the same fundamental core technological features like perimeter weighting, a large sweet spot and a low centre of gravity, so with that in mind, here are six sets of irons to tickle your tastebuds...


PING claims forgiveness and accuracy are achieved with its G20 iron through extreme perimeter weighting in the 17-4 stainless steel head.

A multi-material cavity badge made of soft elastomer, says PING, improves feel and sound while enhancing distance control, allowing you to play your best golf.

And if you're after consistent, precise, distance control, you'll appreciate the thin face of the G20 backed by a floating CTP structure. PING adds that weight in the back flange of the deeply cut, multi-cavity head increases the MOI.

RRP £80 per club (steel); £100 per club (graphite) at

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