In the net! New home golf package

Quad-NetZ4 converts into four-sport facility for all

In the net! New home golf package

As a proud grandad with two grandchildren, aged six and four already showing encouraging signs of hand-eye ball co-ordination, I am understandably drawn towards Quad-NetZ, an innovative UK-based sports equipment brand, which has launched a new golf practice net which also converts into a football, cricket and mini rugby net.

As well as offering grown up golfers the chance to hone their skills from the comfort of their own garden, it looks like it would keep the rest of the family happy in the fresh air - and away from virtual sport on Wii.

Simple to assemble and even simpler to modify for each sport, Quad-NetZ4 are already proving a big hit within weeks of being launched as 'a home sports revolution' All poles in the construction of the various nets are clearly numbered and connect using an easy push-and-click system. Additional guide lines are provided and, when attached and fixed to the ground, provide extra stability while two flags indicate the direction and strength of the wind.

Adding the bespoke one-inch mesh wraparound golf nets with Velcro fasteners creates
a high-quality home practice facility that can be used with every club in the bag, say the makers. Foam protective padding is provided to prevent ricochets should the ball strike any part of the frame, while a special golf security panel fastens along the 'football crossbar' to forms a target which indicating whether a shot has been sliced or hooked.

An artificial turf tee mat, practice golf balls and ground pegs are also included in the seven-foot wide £329.99 package also available at 8ft (£389.99).

Quad-NetZ4's commercial director, Peter Tricklebank-Vowell, says: “Many
golfers, especially those with children and grandchildren, find it impossible to justify the
expense of a high quality golf practice net just for their own use. With Quad-NetZ4, they get a great product to help improve their own game which can also be used for football, cricket and even rugby."

So birthday or Christmas gift for a sporting family...sorted!

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