Introducing QOD: the smaller, smarter trolley

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Thu, 24 Nov 2011

Introducing QOD: the smaller, smarter trolley

We’ve all been there. The dreaded moment when you realise the clubs just aren’t going to fit in the boot of your car. Trying to get a trolley in there too? Well, don’t even go there.

But as of March 2012, there will be a much simpler solution, which will make that pre-match trip to the course run as smoothly as Steve Stricker’s putting stroke.

How does folding an electric trolley into the same size as an A3 piece of paper sound? Well thanks to QOD, that dream can now become a reality.

QOD tell us they have produced the world’s smallest single piece construction patented electric golf trolley which will enable golfers to fit two or more trolleys into the boot of a standard size car together with golf bags, as well as into most personal lockers in golf clubs across the land.

Constructed from precision machined stainless steel, aircraft quality aluminium and Nylon 66, the company says its trolley provides exceptional durability and performance.

The compact trolley features a digital display with variable speed control, three-option distance control, USB features for a GPS or mobile device, a quiet 180 watt motor, 25-to-1 gear reducer for constant speed up hills and strong, long-lasting Nylon wheels.

Furthermore, QOD says its new electric cart is easy to use, low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Golfers will be able to purchase the QOD with a choice of battery - an 18-hole lead acid battery (RRP £445), 18-hole Lithium battery (£595) or 36-hole Lithium battery (£645) - from March next year via pro shops and selected retail.

Easy to use

  • Designed for quick transition, taking less than one minute to transition the trolley for storage or play
  • Adjustable upper arm of trolley to suit height of customer, meaning umbrella holder is in perfect reach
  • Weighs 11kg, which the company says is ideal for all generations

Low maintenance

  • QOD’s modular design supports easy maintenance and low running costs in the even of repairs for its owner
  • Due to its compact size, spare modules can be shipped quickly and cost effectively anywhere in the world using standard parcel services

Environmentally friendly

  • More than 600 units will fit into a 20-foot container for transport

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