Lamkin UTx grip review

Lamkin's all-weather UTx grips should improve feel and comfort in all conditions

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Mon, 3 Aug 2015

Lamkin UTx grip review

GolfMagic ventured into the pit lane to test out Lamkin UTx grips in the latest solid red version.

The Lamkin UTx grip is ideal for players seeking improved feel from their shots, especially in wet conditions – in other words, standard UK golf fare.

Lamkin has applied three layers of technology into the UTx, highlighted by its patented, soft ACE 3GEN foundation layer that provides an abundance of tack and durability.

Both the inner and outer layers of the grip consist of ACE 3GEN technology, with the soft base layer enhancing comfort and the firm outer layer relieving tension in the grip.

Moisture-wicking fabric ties the outer and inner layer together, which the brand says ensures “greater playability in a wider variety of weather conditions”.


Lamkin UTx grips are likely to improve your levels of comfort and control in varying weather conditions.

The fresh new solid red version with blue tip is particularly pleasing to the eye at address, while the soft, tacky foundation to the UTx grip provides unrivalled traction, particularly on those full-blooded drives and irons.

Other positives to note include vibration dampening, softening the blow on thinned shots that typically send shock waves up through the hand, while feel is accentuated around the greens and out of sand. 

If you are looking to get a grip of your game this season, look no further than the Lamkin UTx.

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