Masters Golf's Tiger Shark putters

New range of flat sticks and grips

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Thu, 14 Apr 2011
Masters Golf's Tiger Shark putters

Masters Golf, based in Weston-super-Mare is launching a new range of Tiger Shark putters.

The nine stainless steel putters in the Great White range each feature a double-milled aluminium face insert for a soft feel and improved feedback. They are available in seven right-handed models and two left-handed, including a ‘belly’ version that comes with an extended shaft and grip. The putters have a blue Ultra-Tac Jumbo grip and have a recommended retail price of £59.99.

Eight GreenSpeed putters, say the distributors, help golfers control speed on the greens by virtue of a unique, interchangeable weighting system, which enables the golfer to compensate for different putting surfaces.

Six of the models have five, 10 and 15-gram weights, while the VS-5 has two five- and two 10-gram weights for heel-toe weighting. The VS-6 has one five and one 10-gram weight.

Double-milled face grooves – milled to precise tolerances to enhance accuracy and distance control – deliver a non-skid roll. The GreenSpeed range is available with either a red Ultra-Tac Jumbo or red Super Stroke Fatso Lite grip – as disitinctively used by Korean golfer KJ Choi. The GreenSpeed range of putters are priced at £79.99.

All four styles of TigerShark and Superstroke putter grips – UltraTac Jumbo, UltraTac SJ-67, SuperStroke Fatso Lite and SuperStroke Slim – are available for purchase as individual items.

The Tiger Shark range of putters and putter-grips are available from a wide range of retail operations throughout the UK, including pro shops.

For further information and your nearest stockist visit or call 01934 523900.