Miura develops deep face driver

Compact design of company's 'biggest driver yet'

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Mon, 2 Apr 2012
Miura develops deep face driver

Miura is soon to release its biggest driver yet, the new SIT-460, which the Japanese company claims offers the benefits of a big-headed driver with a compact design.

The SIT, which stands for Strong & Ideal Trajectory, will feature a 460cc all-titanium head - the maximum size allowed by the Rules of Golf – which has been carefully shaped by Shinei Miura, son of company founder and legendary club maker Katsuhiro.

“Our dealers tell us their customers have been looking for the forgiveness and distance a bigger head can provide,” says Miura president Adam Barr. “With the help of his father and his brother Yoshitaka, Shinei took that as a challenge and set to work on something that would offer big-driver satisfaction while still giving a confident, classic look at address.

“What he came up with has surprised a lot of players who put the club behind the ball and think it’s much smaller than 460.”

Shinei accomplished this by making the face taller which increases the effective hitting area and the player’s confidence.

Miura’s irons, wedges, and putters are forged in Himeji, Japan, but its drivers, fairway woods and hybrids have always been cast products. The new SIT-460 is cast in two pieces and the face is laser-welded onto the body to create a more stable head.  

Even though the SIT-460 is 70cc bigger than Miura’s previous driver, the Precious Edition 390, the new head weighs just 196 grams - four grams less - opening up more fitting options for authorized Miura dealers.

The Miura SIT-460 driver will be available in 9- and 10.5-degree by mid-April with a suggested retail price of £375.

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