Mizuno MP-S ball review

What do we make of Mizuno's new multi-piece tour level ball?

Mizuno MP-S ball review

MP-S is Mizuno’s brand new multi-piece tour level ball, with an ultra soft, tacky urethane cover for exceptional traction on short greenside shots.

On first inspection, this is a classic-looking ball that looks great in front of the club. Unlike most balls I've tested this season, the Mizuno logo is not pride of place and is relegated to the side while a number and MP-S is emblazoned on the front. You can also play with numbers other than 1,2,3 and 4 which is a nice touch. 

The MP-S’ extra tacky urethane cover gives this ball some of the softest feel out there with both driver and wedge.

On the dancefloor, it's a little little on the soft side of things but I can see this proving popular among most golfers. As they keep telling us, 'nothing feels like a Mizuno'.

With both driver and wedge there's an ideal mid-trajectory, just as Mizuno said its large diameter dimples would create. MP-S also generated me with low levels of spin and great distance out of the driver and solid spin rates with the wedge.

On the odd occassion I've played this ball out in the wind, it holds its line particularly well and appears very easy to control from all types of lie.


Although the MP-S is a little expensive and offers a distinctive balance of touch and control that will predominantly appeal to skilled players, any golfer dealing with firm, fast conditions will appreciate this ball's ability to stick to the green.

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