Mizuno steps back into footwear

Two new models for Europe

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Thu, 17 Feb 2011
Mizuno steps back into footwear

Two new models of golf shoe are being introduced by Mizuno to herald its return to this popular segment of the European golf market.

Adapted from its Japanese line of Mizuno Wave running shoes, the Mizuno MP Leather shoe will cost £159 a pair and the Stability Style £120.

The corrugated mid-sole cushioning system has been re-configured for specific golf usage with the advantage of extreme lateral stability, for a powerful swing base.

Exquisitely styled in fine grain leather, the MP model has newly developed IG3 spikes for extra stability and a sole ideally suited to the stress of walking 18 holes. It's available in black or white.

The Stability style model is built for durability with breathable synthetic upper, has quick release bio-lock laces and is available in white/red or white/navy.

Says Clint Vosloo, Mizuno's shoe design manager says: “We have an incredible base of technologies and understanding of biomechanics that have already been successfully incorporated into Mizuno’s Japan domestic line of golf shoes.

“Many Mizuno golfers in Europe are also runners, which has resulted in an increased demand for golf shoes.  This is a great time for Mizuno to re-introduce its shoes into Europe and state our presence as a much wider-reaching sporting goods manufacturer.”