MP-53: Mizuno invests in club sound

Successor to MX-300 iron

MP-53: Mizuno invests in club sound

For golfers who believed that maybe the MP series of irons have, in the past, been less sympathetic to their off-centre hits, Mizuno is introducing the forged MP-53s - compact, yet more forgiving.

"Our design ethos is about packing as much forgivenessd as we can into smaller, more versatile packages," says Mizuno research and development engineer Chris Voshall. "The MP-53 is smaller than our previous game improvement iron, the MX-300, yet still more forgiving, especially in the mid and long irons. With the shorter irons, loft takes over the role of forgivenessd and we put an emphasis onto feel and versatility."

There's a great balance to this set, he says, from Tour level to a serious mid-handicap amateur.

Mizuno has also invested a lot of time, effort and money into producing the right sound with its 'harmonic impact technology' and discovered the Diamond Muscle design and V-shaped milled pocket cavity created the sound the golfers prefer as well as improved stability, even from miss-hits.

It also features a more appealing and slimmer top edge than the MX-300 and from 6-iron to pitching wedge each club will be one-degree stronger than its MP-52 predecessor.

The MP-53 will be available mid-September, with a steel shaft only, priced at £105 per club.

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