Nitrogen-charged drivers from PowerBilt!

Air Foil drivers claim extra yardage

Nitrogen-charged drivers from PowerBilt!

PowerBilt, the US brand that earned major titles for Fuzzy Zoeller and Larry Mize in the 1980s, is returning to the UK with avengence. Its unique nitrogen-charged Air Foil drivers are claiming 10-20 yards distances increases and on the evidence I've seen so far, UK golfers are going to love them.

The makers claim that traditional driver technology has just about reached its limit and even the major brands can only offer incremental differences in performance of a handful of yards. But judging by the limited tests a few journalists carried out at the Belfry Academy recently these new drivers delivered what they claimed

This Kentucky-based company which started making milk churns in the late 19th century, switched to baseball bats and then added persimmon-headed golf clubs in the 1920s, has built its reputation on introducing new technology to its golf equipment and with its gas-injected drivers hopes to make its mark in Europe.

PowerBilt uses a unique method of supporting the face of drivers with pressurised nitrogen as opposed to traditional internal supports. This allows its engineers to use thinner club faces to generate maximum power within the R&A and USPGA Coefficient of Restitution (COR) regulations.
The new Powerbilt Air Foil and Air Foil Tour drivers both have high resistance to twisting (MOI) at impact on off-centre hits, with the Tour version offering slightly more flexibility to the advanced golfer when working the ball through the air.

Traditional drivers have a face thickness of around 3mm, but with the thinner 2.6 to 2.8mm thickness of the Air Foil drivers, I was able to generate more power across the full width of the clubface from a  more moderate swing speed.  Powerbilt also claims the pressurised clubhead promotes a spin rate that will keep the ball in the air longer without ballooning and i was certainly ablke to keep the ball airborne longer than regular drivers.

Some of our group were able to add upto 25 yards on their regular driver and while my increases were more modest, I was able to get a higher launch angle and more roll from the 12.5 degree Air Foil I tested. The dispersion was tighter and the miss-hits less noticeable.

Recommended price for the Air Foil will be £199, available in 9.5, 10.5 lofts and regular or stiff shafts.  A 12.5 degree model is also available with regular or senior shaft. The Air Foil Tour model will cost £224.99, available only with a Fujikura stiff shaft with either 9.5 or 10.5 degree lofts.

Powerbilt will also be announcing fairway metals, rescue clubs and irons later in the year.

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