PGA Show interview: Adams Golf

Golfmagic speaks to Adams Golf's Engineering Manager Justin Girard at the PGA Show in Orlando

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Thu, 13 Feb 2014

Justin, Adams Golf has unveiled three exciting new hybrids to the market this season with the Pro Hybrid, Pro DHy and Pro Mini, could you describe the features of each to them?

Back half of 2013, No.1 hybrid used on PGA  Tour. What we did was, because it was Tour proven, we decided to take it to market in 2014. features upside down tech, sole is bigger than crown to create low cg. slot tech, we have cut thru slot in sole, crown slot on crown to increase launch, add ball speed and add more distance to your game.

Justin, Adams Golf has this week unveiled three exciting new Pro hybrids to the world. Why should Golfmagic readers be getting involved with them in 2014?

Hi Golfmagic. We've launched three new Pro hybrids this year called Pro Hybrid, Pro DHy and Pro Mini. At the back half of 2013, the Pro Hybrid was the No.1 hybrid used on the PGA Tour. What we did was, because it was Tour proven, we took the product to market in 2014. It features upside down technology where the sole is bigger than the crown to create a low centre of gravity. Along with that, we have slot technology, where we have a cut-thru slot in the sole and a crown slot on the top in the crown to increase launch, ball speed and to add more distance. Pro Mini will suit low handicap players with high swing-speeds, while the Pro DHy is an upgrade on the successful design of the Super DHy, one of the most popular clubs on both the PGA Tour and European Tour last year.

The game improver can also get involved with new Idea Hybrid irons this year. Could you talk us through the range?

This is a hybrid iron set, so it has different technologies within the set. We have what we call abc technology, which is patented technology that no other company can incorporate all three technologies into one iron set. We've wood-like hybrids in 3, 4 and 5, and then traditional irons in the mid-hybrid irons of 6 and 7, and finally deep undercut cavity irons in 8, 9 and PW. We've all three technologies in one set.

Idea Hybrid irons also feature innovative wraparound slots. What are they exactly and why do they benefit the game improver?

Extensive research revealed that golfers with 15-plus handicaps make the majority of contact nearly ½” toward the toe, not on the club’s sweetspot. These new super game improvement irons are specifically designed to enhance the face speed in the area where those players need it most.

With a concentration on developing technology that golfers really need, we created these industry-first wraparound slots on the toe to compensate for a very common mis-hit. They're definitely our easiest to hit, with measurable improvements in ball speeds and forgiveness where players require it most.

The new slot design creates a higher trampoline effect across the entire face, expanding the sweet spot. This increases launch for more ball speed and greater distance. Compared to our a12 OS Hybrid Irons, the new Idea Hybrid Irons provide 44% more ball speed on off-centre hits and 24% more ball speed on flush shots, because of increased flex from the unsupported faces.

And for the better Golfmagic players there's a lovely looking XTD Forged Iron...

XTD Forged is an iron in a player shape so it's going to have the right amount of offset and shaped for the better player. It's unique in the sense it has our successful Velocity Slot Technology. In the past, forged irons are typically dead. They're a very soft material for a good sound and good feel. We're able to accomplish the good sound and good feel but in a high CT and a high trampoline effect to create more distance. That's what is unique about this club. It also features a standard KBS Tour C Taper 120g shaft, which is a high performing and well accepted shaft.

You guys have this year snapped up four-time major champion Ernie Els and we understand he's going to be bagging the new XTD irons? Is this cross cavity iron solely for the better player?

It's great to have Ernie on board with us. His XTD prototype irons are slightly different, but they still have all the technology offered in the retail XTD irons. They’re about 10% smaller with less offset, particularly in the long irons, and are milled from 17-4 stainless steel. But just as in the off-the-rack XTD irons, the faces are brazed to the iron bodies. That allows for the thin faces that make way for the company’s Cut-Thru slot on the irons’ soles, which gives the irons the higher launch and added ball speed Ernie wanted.

We're aiming the standard XTD iron at the mid to low handicap player. XTD is the first ever iron to feature Cut-Thru Slot Technology and combined with a very thin face, you're going to get a very high trampoline effect. Unfortunately that creates a non pleasing sound but we countered that with our cross cavity design. This constrains a face impact dampener that is going to be pressurised on the back of the centre face which is going to lower that pitch and decrease the sound time.

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