PowaKaddy rolls out new trolleys for 2016

Popular Freeway line gets an upgrade for the new year

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Thu, 18 Feb 2016

PowaKaddy rolls out new trolleys for 2016


PowaKaddy has unveiled its new trolleys for 2016, which builds on the success of its Freeway range.




The popular FW3, FW5, FW7S and FW7S EBS models boast new wheels, trims and in the case of the FW7S, several new features . The FW7 and FW7have also been rebranded, for a more sporty appearance.








The three models all feature a bespoke engineered low-profile PowaFrame chassis that ensures strength and robustness, while also reducing overall weight.




Each trolley also has new graphics on its frame, which utilises a simple three-way folding system. Tempered glass front wheel bearings aid a smooth, quiet movement and last up to five times longer than regular bearings.




The PowaKaddy drive system have been engineered to further reduce sound and achieve a near silent motion. 

“We’re very proud of the Freeway’s title as the world’s best-selling trolley range, but we understand that golfers are always looking for extra in terms of performance, style and value – and ultimately the new 2016 line-up delivers on all those fronts,” said David Catford, PowaKaddy CEO.




“The FW3 and FW5 models have undergone significant design changes that offer a genuine ‘wow’ factor, while the FW7S is the standout trolley in the new range and offer golfers more features than ever before.




“We’ve worked really closely with retail partners and golfers in recent years to get valuable feedback on the performance of Freeway trolleys and that has played a massive part in the new designs,” added Catford.  




The trolleys can be powered by the thinnest Lithium battery on the market, while the latest engineered lithium-ion battery technology ensures PowaKaddy Lithium delivers 20% more staying power.




The innovative Plug ‘n’ Play technology – which ensures golfers don’t have to connect any fiddly wires when slotting into the battery tray – has played a significant part in propelling PowaKaddy Lithium sales above lead-acid batteries in the last year.

Powakaddy FW7S




Premium FW7S and FW7S EBS(Electronic Braking System) models introduce a brand new 3.5” Widescreen full Colour Display that’s the same size as a smartphone screen. For the very first time, it can tell golfers how many calories they’ve burned during their round thanks to a built-in calorie counter.




The digital display screen – which lights up in vibrant blue and red colours when the trolley is turned on – also shows golfers how much battery power they have left thanks to a simple car-like fuel gauge. The trolley’s chrome speed dial ensures a simple control mechanism, while golfers can also charge smart phones and GPS devices from a USB Charging Port.




Covered by a three-year warranty, the feature-packed FW7S includes a new low-profile Premium Sports Wheels. The low-profile PowaFrame design has also been boosted with a new Rear Diffuser that comes in Brushed Silver and Carbon Graphite colour options, while yellow highlights have been introduced to a number of trolley parts, such as the frame, handle, bag supports and wheels.   




The quiet motor of the FW7S has also been upgraded to 230 watts to ensure more power than ever before.  




Following strong feedback from golfers across the world, the popular features from previous years have continued, namely: the Automatic Distance Function (ADF) for setting the trolley off at distances between 5-50 yards; the Specific Speed Display and Distance Measurement functions; clock; round timer; and the integrated Anti-Tamper security pin lock.












£429.99 (standard battery);




£459.99 (Extended Range Battery);




£579.99 (Lithium Battery);




£629.99 (Extended Range Lithium Battery)








£479.99 (EBS Standard Lithium battery);




£509.99 (Extended Range Battery);




£629.99 (Lithium Battery);




£679.99 (Extended Range Lithium Battery)

PowaKaddy FW5




The sleek model introduces all-new, low profile Deluxe Sports Wheels with yellow accent trims on the five individual spokes, while enhanced trims and graphics on the frame also boost the trolley’s appearance.




The new FW5 – which comes in Polar White and Classic Black frame options – also boasts a new Rear Diffuser design that contrasts with the colour of the frame.




A mid-price option, the FW5 uses a 200W motor and maintains its numerous performance features. These include a Digital Power Gauge and Battery Fuel Indicator, as well as an Integrated USB port for charging smart phones and GPS Devices. An Automatic Distance Function (ADF) offers golfers the chance to set the trolley off in distances of 15, 30 or 45 yards.








£349.99 (standard battery);




£379.99 (Extended Range Battery);




£499.99 (Lithium Battery);




£549.99 (Extended Range Lithium Battery)

PowaKaddy FW3




The FW3 is an entry-level option for golfers. This year, the FW3 has been enhanced to ensure even greater value for the discerning golfer.




A theme across the entire 2016 Freeway range is the sporty new wheels and the FW3 is no different in that respect. The low-profile sporty wheels combine with the enhanced trim effects across the whole trolley. Tube graphics provide another addition to the latest model that comes in sharp Polar White and Classic Black colour options.




Powered by a quiet 200W motor, the FW3 offers simple functionality. An easy-to-use, ambidextrous soft T-bar grip allows golfers a simple method of steering the trolley, while the straightforward On/Off button comes complete with Power, Pause & Resume function.




Head to the PowaKaddy website for more information. 








£299.99 (standard battery);




£329.99 (Extended Range Battery);




£449.99 (Lithium Battery);




£499.99 (Extended Lithium Battery)