S-Blade putters make giant impression

Putting specialists launch new long putter range

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Wed, 25 May 2011
S-Blade putters make giant impression

If you’re still getting the yips on the putting green then it’s time to boost your confidence with Spherical Blade’s new ‘Belly’ or ‘Broom’ putter.

Long-handled putters have worked wonders for the likes of World No.1 Lee Westwood and US Masters runner-up Adam Scott in recent months, and even Ernie Els, a long-time critic of the tall flatstick, has one in his hands.

And the UK-based specialist putter company, whose S-Blade putters feature proven and patented curved face technology, has responded to public demand by launching their new range.

Golfers can choose between two head designs in longer S-Blade putters – the 480g Curvewing or 440g Swallowtail, which can be fitted to 43-inch ‘Belly’ or 53-inch ‘Broom’ shafts as standard.

The S-Blade’s heavy head weight will encourage a smoother pendulum stroke, perfect for defeating those yips.

“We believe many amateur golfers would benefit from using an S-Blade ‘Belly’ or ‘Broom’ putter,” said S-Blade technical director and PGA professional Ian Melville.

“They eradicate many of the faults that cause poor putting strokes or the yips when using conventional length putters – like wrists flicking at the ball and an over rotation of the shoulders or forearms.

“It’s evident that when many successful Tour Professionals suffer on the greens they revert to a longer putter. The security of fixing the putter to the body generates much more confidence and more amateurs would improve their putting stats if they followed suit.”

All ‘Belly’ versions feature a 1-piece Winn Pistol belly grip, while ‘Broom’ putters are fitted with a high-quality Winn 2-piece Long Putter grip. S-Blade putters are also designed with a distinct North-South curved face to create topspin and an East-West convex curve to widen the sweet spot.

Each putter has an RPP of £89.95 and S-Blade can also custom-fit shaft lengths in ½ inch increments for an extra £10. For more information visit www.s-blade.com