Scorecard holders for the luxury golfer

Style and class from Heather and Links

Scorecard holders for the luxury golfer

We’ve all been there. Midway through a round, the rain starts pouring and the scorecard is drenched, smudged and unreadable to the point of no return. Not an ideal situation, particularly in competitions.

It means scorecard holders are a vital accessory in the wetter months.

And if you’re a classy kind of golfer, look no further than London-based Heather and Links, who have produced a range of high quality holders to keep your score and your card intact.

Using Italian calf and buffalo calf leather with with contemporary coloured lizard and snake skin and silk linings, all materials are sustainably sourced and supplied with full certification.

Each holder is personalised to order. For example, not only can lining material be ordered in a variety of colours, but bridle leather can be colour matched to a customer’s specification. 

Prices range from £44.95. Visit Heather and Links’ website for more information. 

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