Tell us about QLink

QLink need Golfmagic 's help to find testimonials for their product

Tell us about QLink
Tell us about QLink
Qlink Classic pendant

Leading Tour players are always looking for something that gives them an edge over their rivals – a little extra distance from a ball, a driver that offers a better trajectory, a putter that instills total confidence.

And while more and more are turning to mental gurus to help them focus better and dismiss bad shot from their mind, a number have discovered the

QLink pendant.

Usually worn around the neck, it contains a minute chip which act as a tuning fork resonating with a note to which the body's energy system should respond.

QLink claims the body’s ideal note pitches itself to the pendant and in time, note and body become harmonised.

Particular benefits to golfers, including several in the world’s top 50, have reported an increase in energy levels, more mental clarity, improved sleep and less anxiety – combinations which add up to a significant competitive edge.

Other benefits claimed by QLink include a reduction in the effects from exposure to mobile phones and computers and fewer headaches.

QLink is currently hoping to trace users of their product and are keen to receive testimonials from golfers. They have ask Golfmagic’s discerning visitors for their help, so if you have used their product with success contact and pass on your messages.

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