Titleist introduce 990B irons

The all new 990B irons from Titleist, a classic looking "players" club as used by Davis Love III...

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Martin Park
Mon, 19 Mar 2001
Titleist introduce 990B irons

Titleist introduces the new DCI 990B iron to our shops this April and is designed for the low handicap and professional players market.

The DCI 990B is a high performance, contemporary blade iron with a variable muscle back cavity that provides traditional solid feel and enhanced performance. Cast from 431 stainless steel, the heads are specially heat-treated and homogenized to provide superior feel.

The new 990B irons…nice!

In comparison to the DCI 990, the sole of the DCI 990B iron is significantly narrower and flatter with more bounce for the stronger player seeking smaller, less offset, and blade-like looks and feel. As a result, the club is "faster" through the turf and is excellent for golfers that want or need additional trajectory control and/or help keeping the ball down. The unique design of the DCI 990B enables better players to hit long irons more easily without sacrificing shot workability. The short irons have been designed to promote a flatter trajectory for a more controlled ball flight.

DCI 990B irons have already begun to weave an impressive story of success and serious player affirmation, including victories by Davis Love III, who captured the Williams World Challenge, and Dottie Pepper, who won the 2000 Arch Wireless LPGA Tour Championship. Most recently, one week after their worldwide launch, Davis Love III played his DCI 990B irons to victory in the AT&T National Pro-Am.

The new Titleist DCI 990B irons include the following features and performance benefits:

Variable Muscle-Back Cavity and Weight Distribution

The head is designed with upper and lower mass elements in cavity, or "weight pads" behind striking area.

In the long irons, the lower cavity pad is thicker and the upper cavity pad is thinner to create a lower center of gravity (CG) and promote playability and higher ball flight. In the short irons, the lower cavity pad is thinner and upper cavity pad is thicker to produce a higher CG and lower, more controllable ball flight

Cavity is slightly smaller than DCI 990 iron for added workability. Single channel in cavity is radiused to soften sound and feel.

Visual topline thickness is thinner than DCI 990 by .020" and consistent throughout the set.

Progressive topline thickness for weighting.

Variable topline cross-section is thinner in the long irons to help bias weight lower, and thicker in the short irons to help bias weight higher.

Compact blade (.040" smaller than DCI 990 iron) combined with muscle-back weighting produces solid feel, consistent performance, and workability. Shallower heel and toe profile than DCI 990.

Maintains the concept of direct central impact (DCI), which optimizes the center of gravity location in each iron, ensuring consistent trajectory and solid feel throughout the set.

New weight distribution concentrates more mass behind the striking area for unmatched solid feel.

Dual Hosel Lengths

Shorter hosel in the 1 through 7 irons lowers the weight and shaft kick for playability.

Longer hosel in the 8 iron through pitching wedge moves weight and shaft kick up for trajectory control.

Hosel lengths slightly longer than DCI 990 to achieve ball flight goals.

A slightly tapered hosel reduces the appearance of offset. The offset exists mechanically to improve playability, but not optically.

High Performance Cambered Sole Design
Progressive radius on the leading edge is smaller and sharper on the long irons to promote crisp contact, and larger and more blunt on the short irons to reduce excessive digging.

Progressive camber/crown radius (mid-sole) is larger and flatter on the long irons, and smaller and rounder on the short irons to reduce ground drag, improve turf release and ensure consistent club speed through impact.

New Address Profile
Progressive blade lengths (slightly longer in the short irons) and progressive toe radius (sharper in the long irons and flatter in the short irons) for consistent set-up appearance through the set.

Soft profile, shallower blade both heel and toe, and a slightly thinner, flatter top line than the DCI 990 iron provide a traditional set-up appearance.

V Grooves
Promotes consistent trajectory and reduces the ballooning effect and helps control flyers from the rough.

Traditional score line spacing and clean face creates a pure, "player's" look.

The Titleist DCI 990B is a new companion iron to the DCI 990. The DCI 990B irons are available in the 1,2 and 3-PW as a Custom order only, and begin shipping from April. The suggested retail price is £625.00 for a set of 8 steel irons (Dynamic Gold) and £850.00 for a set of 8 graphite irons (Select Graphite), and are available in right hand only.