'Tour Preferred' r7 driver is here!

TaylorMade introduced the driver that Daly plays - with square face and moveable weight technology

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Wed, 16 Aug 2006

TaylorMade r7 460 TP driver’>
r7 460 TP driver

Look out for the latest TaylorMade r7 460 TP driver in the hands of John Daly, Peter Lonard and US Ryder Cup captain Tom Lehman this week at the US PGA Championship at Medinah.

This ‘Tour Preferred’ model is an updated version of the popular r7. It’s currently being introduced to mainstream shops, aimed at professionals and low-handicap golfers looking for an edge to their game and able to adjust launch and flight using ‘moveable weight technology’(MWT).

Like its predecessor it has two ports, one at the heel and one at the toe to change the clubhead’s centre of gravity (CG) in order to promote different types of trajectory, using a combination of four weighted screw or cartridge options.

The largest degree of draw bias is created by installing a 14-gram cartridge in the heel and a 2-gram in the toe port. Conversely, swap them round to achieve a fade. Though TaylorMade claims the r7 460s are their most forgiving drivers – a key difference with the TP model is its square clubface alignment, preferred by better players, compared to the original’s slightly ‘toed in’ set-up.

There’s also a choice of five TaylorMade RE*AX TP shafts with differing weights, torques and kick-points.

"The r7 460 TP driver has been created to deliver tremendous distance, forgiveness and accuracy to players who prefer a very large head and deep face, whether they’re Tour pros or amateur handicappers," says Todd Beach, TaylorMade’s director of metalwood development.

"The 460cc clubhead sets up big and powerfully behind the ball at address and MWT helps any player choose a trajectory that enhances their distance and accuracy."

The new driver is available in 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5-degree lofts (9.5 only for left-handers) and in X, S and R shaft flexes. Recommended price is a stonking £449 but some may feel the cost is worth the edge that the makers claim.



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