Tour pro reaction: Titleist 915 drivers review

Scott, Walker, Johnson and DeLaet discuss their admiration for the new Titleist 915 drivers

Tour pro reaction: Titleist 915 drivers review


“Some things are gimmicks and Active Recoil Channel is not. The fact is it’s producing more miles per hour off the club for my ball speed. That’s massive. Picking up 10 to 15 yards carry is a big deal. It makes a huge difference if I’m hitting a wedge in instead of maybe an 8-iron or if I’m hitting a 5-iron instead of a 3-iron. 

“Not only by adding ARC are you gaining the miles per hour, but with the other innovations and redistribution of weight throughout the head the sweet spot gets bigger as well. I certainly feel like my miss hits – if you can even call them that, because you’ve almost got the whole face to play with – have been very good. The carry distance of what I’d call a miss hit has been negligible to the ones flushed out of the middle.”

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“The golf ball comes off more consistent. We don’t always hit it in the centre of the club, and I think mishits are coming off with a lot more control than they used to. When you mishit shots that the ball is still coming off with ample amount of speed whereas before in previous driver versions, if you hit one off the centre of the club face a little bit, you were seeing a dramatic drop in speeds and increases in spin. This new driver, the 915, if you’re just off centre a little bit, it’s really keeping the speed up, keeping the spin down, and allowing you to hit better shots more consistently.”

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“The new 915 certainly is more forgiving. A miss hit still goes properly. My ball speed has gone up and I feel like I’m putting the same swing on.”


“The new 915 driver is awesome. It comes off super-hot. My spin rate has come down just a little bit, which I always battled a little bit, and it’s just optimal ball flight. With the spin, you can just see it. The ball is launching nice and flat, especially the ‘into-the-wind’ shots I was noticing a big increase in distance.”

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