Tour-style X-Jaws wedges now available

Play the clubs the Callaway pros use

Tour-style X-Jaws wedges now available

AS PART OF its 'Tour authentic' range, Callaway Golf is offering amateurs the opportunity to play the same wedges developed for Tour pros and which conform to the 2010 groove rules. 

Available in a special slate grey finish, the new Callaway X-Series Jaws CC wedges meet the Condition of Competition (CC) on Tour, currently the only place they are required for play.

Callaway says the wedges also offer Tour-level playing characteristics and feel, thanks to features which include a C-grind sole, a tighter leading edge and soft-forged 1020 carbon steel construction. Limited to just 600 wedges throughout Europe, the clubs have been crafted by legendary designer Roger Cleveland and feature Mack Daddy grooves.

The price (£89) is the same as the X-Series Jaws wedges launched in October, with loft/bounce combinations of 52 degrees (12-deg bounce), 56 (16), 58(13) and 60(13) and which Golfmagic review in 2009

Says Neil Howie, president of Callaway Golf Europe says: “This limited edition range gives club golfers the chance to experience the playing characteristics developed and used on Tour and giving the ultimate in spin control.”

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