Unique way to stamp your golf balls!

New product offers indelible individuality to mark your ball and prevent penalty strokes

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Thu, 15 Aug 2013

Unique way to stamp your golf balls!

As golfers we're all individuals with distinctive swings, actions and abilities. Many of us play the same kind of golf balls - spread across half a dozen brands - but once they've been hit by the clubface are we certain the ball we find is ours to hit again towards the hole?

While some of us make sure, as the Rules of Golf encourage, that we clearly mark the ball with dots, a line, a circle as pros do (even a smiley face) , wouldn't it be better to stamp our own individual mark to ensure none of us plays the wrong ball again and avoids a two stroke penalty (Rule 31-6)?

Stapler-style stamps that can clamp your initials into a ball have been produced as gifts in the past but are expensive and have never really caught on. But at last here's a product produced by Paul Green, innovative owner of Birkdale Trophies, that many golfers will see as a must-have accessory in their golf bag - alongside tees, a ball marker and pitchmark repairer.

In a nutshell the Stamp Your Balls tool marks your golf ball with an indelible, identifiable image in blue or red ink able to stand up to the rigours of a round of golf. As well as a useful golf accessory for individuals, it also makes a perfect corporate gift to use a marketing tool to retain individuality away from the event.

Says Green: "Golf's a frustrating game at the best of times especially when someone else plays your ball by mistake. But this product will ensure it never happens again.

"I grew tired of using permanent markers and felt there must be a better, cleaner approach to personalising my golf balls. I  spent over three years conceptualising the design to produce a solution that balances value with simplicity and leaves an indelible impression on the ball. " 

Each stamp uses tiny holes to ensure the print is clear, vibrant and long lasting with 32 different designs to survive all conditions, remaining crisp and recognisable.

Individual stamps cost £5.99 (plus 60p postage) while discounts are offered for multiple orders. Also for a minimum order of 25 units, brands can also supply their own artwork to be integrated into the product - ideal for corporate or society days.

For further information and to see what designs are available visit www.stampyourballs.com