Wet Weather Wheels keep Motocaddy rolling

Award-winning electric trolley company unveils innovative wheels

Golfmagic Equipment
Tue, 29 Nov 2011
Wet Weather Wheels keep Motocaddy rolling

Motocaddy has rolled out its ultimate set of Wet Weather Wheels, designed to reduce turf compression and maximize year-round trolley use.

The electric trolley company, who are celebrating the S1 Digital’s victory as Product of the Year at the inaugural Pro-Shop Europe Awards, says its new wheels incorporate an innovative tread pattern that increases grip, protects the course and improves performance.

Compatible with all of Motocaddy’s popular S-Series trolley, the new wheels also feature a quick-release mechanism for ease of use.

Available from December at RRP £69.99.  For more information visit www.motocaddy.com

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