Wilson reveals I-Lock Vizor putter

February launch for latest technology

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Fri, 29 Oct 2010
Wilson reveals I-Lock Vizor putter

With research showing that poor eye alignment is a major reason for a poor putting stroke, often resulting in pushed or pulled putts on the green, Wilson has introduced I-Lock Technology into its latest Wilson Staff Vizor putter.

The makers claim that when our eyes are positioned inside the target line, there’s a tendency to stroke excessively from in-to-out and push the ball to the right of the hole (for a right-hander).  Similarly, an out-to-in stroke tends to pull putts, when our eyes are outside the target line.

I-Lock technology is designed to help the golfer position and lock the eyes over the line of the putt to achieve the perfect roll. When the red bars, which feature on the toe and heel side of the Vizor’s alignment, can no longer be seen when standing over the ball, the player is set up for the perfect putt.

“The Vizor putter will give players the confidence to be aggressive with their putts because they will see feedback on any misalignment immediately,” says Bob Thurman, global director of research and development at Wilson Golf.

The Vizor mallet putter features a double-bend shaft and an aluminium body and soft urethane face insert, tailored to achieve maximum feel.

Available in 34-inch standard length (custom options also available) with headcover and magnetic flap, the putter wilol have a recommended price of £119 when it's launched in February 2011.