Would you be a trouser cheater?

Oakley to market cheater pants to errant golfers

Would you be a trouser cheater?

According to Canadian-based The National Post, Oakley are bringing out 'Cheater' pants for golfers.

The trousers are designed with a hole in the pocket and a tube leading down to the ground that enables the would be cheat to chose his own spot in which to place a ball.

The trousers, which retail at $110 dollars, are being ordered to stock by shops in the US who clearly believe there is a market for them.

The news will cause an outcry from all rule-abiding players, and even some rule-benders may look askance at such blatant deviance from the the rule book.

The one thing that remains unclear is whether Oakley are set to make the cheater pants in a ladies' model.

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