Golf debated in Parliament but courses will still reopen on March 29

No change - golf courses will reopen on Monday March 29...

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Mon, 22 Mar 2021
Golf courses could reopen in England earlier than March 29

Golf will remain on course to reopen in England from Monday March 29, despite Parliament discussing the sport this evening. 

MPs debated a number of petitions relating to the Government's Spring 2021 Covid-19 roadmap, of which golf's return and the reopening of gyms formed a major part of the discussion.




Nick Fletcher MP, member of the Petitions Committee, opened the debate, before Nigel Huddleston MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Sport and Tourism, responded on behalf of the government.

The debate where golf was concerned revolved around the petion of "allowing golf to be played with appropriate safety measures", which has received more than 132,000 signatures.



Craig Tracey, the chairman of the UK Parliament's All-Party Group for Golf, made it clear during the debate that "nothing will change" in regards golf returning in England earlier than Monday March 29. 

"The petitions committee hear several petitions at once," tweeted Mr Tracey.

"The Minister will respond at the end (around 7pm) but they are a formality, so nothing will change."





A number of golf fans hoping for a return for golf at some point this week were left disappointed. 



The full debate lasted 90 minutes and provided opportunities for MPs to question Government Ministers directly on these issues.