Golf fans go WILD after seeing Anthony Kim pictured with PGA Tour golf coach

A rare sighting of Anthony Kim has got golf fans talking about his potential return to the sport.

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Mon, 4 Jan 2021
Golf fans go WILD after seeing Anthony Kim pictured with PGA Tour golf coach

Anthony Kim has made another rare appearance on social media after his former golf coach Adam Schriber posted a picture of the pair along with the caption "2021 is going to be special".

Kim was once one of the most exciting prospects on the PGA Tour and it looked as though he was set to become one of the best players the sport had ever seen, but unfortunately he hasn't played a golf event since 2012.

After sustaining a wrist injury, Kim was put out of action and it's been widely reported that the insurance claim was worth eight figures and part of that deal meant he could never play professional golf again.

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No one outside of Kim's team really knows the truth about the insurance claim, so we don't actually whether or not it is even legally possible for Kim to make a comeback, but Schriber's Instagram post certainly caused a stir.

It's a strange caption to post when uploading a picture of Kim, someone he used to coach and helped lead to success on the PGA Tour. Either way, golf fans flooded the comments on the post after seeing the picture of the two.

"I accept all that was 2020 if it means an AK swag tour in 2021," said one golf fan.

"This would be one of the best things to ever happen to golf."

"2020 would be worth it if we got an AK comeback."

"F***. I would love nothing more than to see AK winning PGA Tour events with two full sleeves. Do the neck too big boi AK. And go get a green jacket..."

(Main Image Credit: Adam Schriber Instagram - @adam.schriber)

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