Adams sets bounce record

New trick shot mark for Rick

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Fri, 15 Mar 2002

Rick Adams has duly set a new world record by bouncing a golf ball on a sand wedge for 38 minutes 15 seconds. He set the new mark – ratified by Guinness - in a Jaguar car showroom in Slough.

Rick with Miss GB, Louise Lakin.

Despite the distractions of mobile phones going off and even a car alarm, Adams (36) kept the ball bouncing on the clubface over 4,000 times without stopping

By the end of it he said he was shattered but delighted to have set a prolific time, using a Cleveland Tour Action 485 sand wedge.

"I feel really good about the record. Although I know it looks easy, it does require enormous mental strength and physical stamina.

"I am determined to beat my own record in the future, going for an hour with a single club and then on to beat the existing two club record."

He says he also plan to set a new official long driving record at a prominent location (reputed to be over 400 yards through the air) - possibly across the Thames in London.



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