Duval without a sponsor

David Duval resigns his sponsorship with Titleist and will move to Nike as soon as the legal process is over

Duval without a sponsor

David Duval is without a sponsor! The World number three player has resigned his sponsorship deal with Titleist, who fitted him out for shoes, glove, ball and clubs and the 29-year-old American plans to sign with Nike as soon as the legal wrangling is over.

It was at the World Cup of Golf when Duval was seen playing the Nike Tour Accuracy ball in the foursomes when he played with Tiger Woods and he was also seen wearing Nike shoes in the event.

Duval without a sponsor
Duval…without a sponsor!

But Duval does not want to discuss why he is leaving Titleist, but it is most likely that Nike have offered him a deal he cannot refuse, coupled with the fact that he likes their products.

"I'll be glad to tell you all you want to know when this is over,'' he told the Associated Press.

Tiger Woods, Nike’s number One signing was asked his opinion about signing Duval and Woods agreed that having the World number two on board would be a good thing for everyone concerned.

"They just wanted my opinion,'' he said. "I think it would be a great fit for both sides, both David as well as Nike.''

However, until the legal process takes its course, Duval is not wearing any of the Titleist clothing, or using the ball. He has had to resort to paying for his own clothes and using a lightweight carry bag he used to use at College in Georgia!

In the meantime, Duval is without a sponsor.

His shirts are from Pablo Creek, his home golf course in Jacksonville and his cap has Sun Valley, a golf course in Idaho, written on it.

But even with his stature and the amount of advertising he does for the Pablo Creek course, he still had to pay for his shirts!

"They picked out a bunch of them for me and said, 'We'll just put it on your bill,' Can you believe that?'' Joked Duval!

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