Everyone should buy a mallet, says PGA teaching professional

Mallets are easier to use, according to Grant Guerin

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Thu, 9 May 2013

Everyone should buy a mallet, says PGA teaching professional

THE first choice to make when buying a putter is mallet or blade and it’s often a hard decision to make.

For years, club professionals and those clued up on the matter have told us that an arcing stroke should go with a blade and a straight-back-straight-forward stroke would suit a mallet.

This is because blades are easier to manoeuvre and therefore follow the arcing motion better than the mallet which naturally swings like a pendulum.

World of Golf teaching professional Grant Guerin has a differing view and said: “It’s an interesting question, mallet or blade putter and how to choose between them.

“New studies have shown that traditional thought could actually be wrong and there may not actually be a correlation between an arcing motion needing a blade and so on.”

“When choosing between them, to be honest I would just say for everyone to get a mallet. It gives you so much more control and it’s just so much easier.”

With a mallet, the weight of the putter head is to the outside edges of the club's head making it easier to control throughout a stroke when compared to a blade which can be less stable. 

When they were first introduced touring professionals were sceptical and mostly stuck with blades but now more are adopting mallets and some of the best players in the world can now be seen carrying a mallet in the bag.

PGA Professional Coach, Grant Guerin can be booked for a lesson at mygolf.worldofgolf.co.uk or call 020 8949 9200. Check out his latest article on Golfmagic: How to make the most of your time at the driving range.