Gary Adams passes away

GARY ADAMS: GOLFER, VISIONARY, INNOVATOR, FRIEND, His legacy was an inspiration for the golf industry

Sun, 16 Jan 2000

The loss of Taylor-Made founder Gary Adams who passed away late recently was a shock to the golfing world.

Gary Adams was known as the “Father of the Metal Wood,” and helped establish the Taylor Made Golf Company as a technological pioneer in the golf industry.

“Gary was a true visionary,” said Jim Stutts, chief executive officer of Taylor Made-adidas Golf. “Many of his theories on how to grow the golf business are as relevant today as they were 20 years ago. In fact, the metal wood was named as one of the eight greatest innovations of the century. The entire golf industry has lost one of its greatest innovators, and one of its best friends.”

Adams built Taylor Made Golf on innovation and technology. His vision of producing a driver made of metal revolutionized a game that previously had used only wood golf clubs. And every serious golfer around the world has Gary Adams to thank for the metal woods they use in their bags today. If it were not for his vision, we would still be cutting down trees and hitting the ball short distances!

Adams' visions of new technological innovations in the golf industry led him to develop several golf companies all designed to help the golfer improve their game. In addition to Taylor Made, his legacy includes Founders Club and McHenry Metals. It is a sad loss for the golfing world, but his legacy in metal-headed 'woods' will live with the world golfing community for a long time to come.