INTERVIEW: Lynx Golf ambassadors Di Dougherty and Austin Healey

TV queen and rugby hero give their verdict on the Boom Boom 2

INTERVIEW: Lynx Golf ambassadors Di Dougherty and Austin Healey

The return of Lynx Golf and its new driver has raised the temperatures at Golfmagic in the past few days – quite literally.

The Boom Boom 2 comes complete with a heated headcover which has been a hot topic on our forums, so Golfmagic headed to Burhill Golf Club to catch up with ambassadors Di Dougherty and Austin Healey about their views on the latest equipment innovation.

Why did you decide to get involved with Lynx Golf?

Di Dougherty: Lynx is an awesome company and a family orientated brand. Steph and Steve – managing directors of Lynx – have really looked after me over the last few months especially during my recent pregnancy.

Lynx is an extremely innovative and exciting brand. We had lots of meetings about the new technology going into the products earlier this year and I was just overwhelmed by what they were trying to achieve.

They have so much energy and passion to drive things through. They have faced a lot of adversity in the past and lots of doors have been shut in their faces but they’ve overcome so many obstacles in the golfing world and created a brilliant brand. I think they will go from strength to strength.

Austin Healey: I like people who are innovative and have a passion for what they do. I met Steph and Steve a few times on holiday and could see how passionate they were about Lynx. They live the brand every day and I think you can see that with the products that are coming out now, most notably the Boom Boom 2.

Austin, I saw you hitting the driver on the range earlier. What did you make of it?

AH: Well if it can make a decidedly average golfer like me hit it as far I did today then I hate to think what it could do for most golfers.

The thing I noticed most about the BB2 was that with my other driver, when I hit it offline it seriously goes offline. When you hit this slightly out the neck or off the toe, it goes offline but ends up in the semi rather than the deep rough.

Di, what does Lynx bring to the game of golf, and in particular the ladies game?

DD: I think it brings a new, fun dimension to golf. It’s a hip, focused, trendy, sexy brand. Lynx aims to go in a different direction to others and the technology behind it is outstanding. Their ideas are modern and up to date.

We are also incredibly keen to promote the women’s game once again. I know Steph is all about the bling factor with gold headcovers etc. Lynx ladies ranges were a very popular choice a few years ago and the aim is to explode back on the market with attractive, stylish equipment.

Lynx has terrific ideas in the pipeline that will appeal to every lady in the game. Female golfers need to feel confident on the course with their clubs and I believe they’ve achieved this.

Which Lynx clubs do you both play with and what are your handicaps?

DD: Ladies Elegance. And I play off 10.

AH: Black Cat. 9 now, although I used to play off 2.

Which of your rugby colleagues are the best golfers?

AH: Matt Dawson is a very good player; he plays a lot at the Wisley. I would also say Will Greenwood, who is another Lynx Golf ambassador.

And the worst?

Ben Kay is pretty poor but Martin Johnson is particularly bad.

I remember watching Martin playing in his first ever golf tournament at my club Stapleford Park. He was on a hole that was 80 yards away from me but I was directly level with him. He was on the edge of a ditch, took a swing, missed the ball and fell into the ditch. He got out, looked around to see if anyone saw it, and of course, I was probably the last person on the planet he wanted to see.

I was bent over double laughing at him.

Incredible. And finally. Di, will there be a return to Sky Sports? And Austin, are there any more Saturday night television appearances in the pipeline?

DD: I still speak regularly to the golf guys at Sky. They miss me and I miss them. I’ve had other priorities with having a baby but you never know what the future holds.

AH: I don’t know if I’ll be jumping through walls in sequins anymore as I’m nearly 40. I think once you hit 40, you have to leave Bacofoil and sequins well alone.

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