Jimenez: On life, love and golf

'If people have a problem with that they can stick their tongue up their ass'

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Fri, 1 May 2015
Jimenez: On life, love and golf

“My friend, water is for fish,” Miguel Angel Jimenez tells Sports Illustrated’s Alan Shipnuck as the Spaniard pours himself a generous glass of whiskey and sparks a Cuban cigar.

Fan favourite Jimenez turned 53 this year, but he is not interested in slowing down on the golf course, or off it. 

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While he is viewed as a joker in the pack, 21-time European Tour winner is also a fierce competitor.

Get an insight into the man they call "The Mechanic" with some of the best quotes from Sports Illustrated's candid, hilarious and interesting interview.

On his lifestyle

I come from a different generation and I'm not a hypocrite. I don't hide the way I am. If I want to have a drink, I have a drink. Why shouldn't I? Is it illegal to drink alcohol? Is tobacco illegal? So why should I care if people see me smoking?

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I do what I do out in the open. If people have a problem with that they can stick their tongue up their ass and let the rest of us do what we want to do. 

On life, love and golf

I love golf like I love life. I enjoy a good meal. A good bottle of wine. Being in the company of my friends and my family. That's what gives life meaning. Life is not being born and dying, it's about what happens in between. 

On is meeting his wife, Susanne, who is a decade his junior

She was on the course watching the golf, and she followed us for eight holes. I said to my caddie, 'I see a beautiful blonde over there, wearing nice pants with a beautiful ass. I want to know exactly where she is on every part of the golf course'.

I would be waiting for my turn to hit, and I'd look over at her. Our eyes locked for a moment, and I smiled. And she smiled back. When I went to the driving range, I saw her there and we started talking - in English!

On how she keeps him young

More than 50 years since I was born…(points down)… but I'm only 20 down there.

On his age

I'm not dead. I still feel competitive. I am still competing. What I appreciate the most is that I have spent more than half my life playing on the tour, I've played with Nicklaus and Player, with Palmer, with Seve. I've played with Tiger and Rory, with all different generations.

I identify more with the old style than the new. I move the ball left to right and right to left—more like the way of the artist. The modern game is more about power.

When I play with these young boys...the path they have to walk is much longer than the path I have left to walk. But I still have a path to walk. So when you tell me I'm dead, well, you are completely wrong.

On work ethic

I joined the tour when I was 25. I wouldn't play this long if I didn't love it. I love competition. That's probably the biggest reason I keep playing. And so I have no trouble getting up every morning to train, to practice, to do what I love to do. 

On missing out on Ryder Cup captaincy in 2016 to Darren Clarke and whether his grasp of English is hindering his chances

I'm not disappointed, I'm happy for him. But I hope my turn is next because I am not getting younger

You understand me, right? O.K. then. The Ryder Cup is decided by the players' clubs, not the captain's English.

On a poor outing at the Masters

I am here with the sun shining, I'm surrounded by friends and family, tonight I will eat good food, drink good wine, smoke a good cigar and make love to my beautiful wife. It's a good life, no?