John Daley to join Hippo

Hippo look set to pay off Daley's Callaway debts.

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Fri, 22 Dec 2000
John Daley to join Hippo

In a week where Nike look likely snap up David Duval to be the latest superstar to endorse their brand, another sponsorship deal seems likely to be signed up. The other deal involves former Open winner John Daley, and the company who look likely to sign him up are the British firm, and appropriately named Hippo.

Daley is currently out of contract after a split with his former sponsors Callaway. Before the Hippo deal can go ahead, there is a slight issue with outstanding debts that Daley has with Callaway. The family owned firm allegedly lent Daley a seven-figure sum to help sort out ‘personal problems’. This is money that has to be repaid before he can sign with anyone else.

In an agreement that is likely to see Callaway receiving only 40cents / dollar, Hippo will clear these debts before completing the Daley deal. Callaway might agree to the deal, in a generous gesture, that could be seen as a fresh start for Daley.