Nadal's 'alwight' at golf, too!

Left-handed plays right-handed

Nadal's 'alwight' at golf, too!

The world's number one tennis player, and current Wimbledon champion, Rafael Nadal is 'all-white' at golf, too!

The Spaniard uses the game to relax and recently swapped the compulsory all-white tennis gear, traditionally demanded for Wimbledon, for white shirt and shorts to compete in the prestigious Torneo Blanco at Golf Son Gual Club in his native Mallorca.

The annual event is open to every members and VIP guest but they must wear white. It also attracted a bunch of other celebrities, including Spanish World Cup winner and Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina and former pro footballers Jamie Redknapp, Andy Gray and Alan McInally.

Judging by previous videos I've seen of the right-handed swing of naturally left-handed Nadal, it's a bit of a lurch at impact but he seems to have great hand-eye co-ordination to get the ball in the hole with a handicap (like most sportsmen who play golf occasionally) around 14.

That way when they play for big money side bets, as they inevitably do, they only give up their strokes on the short holes! Nadal's girlfriend Xisca Perello is also keen on the game.

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