Oosthuizen's red dot solution

Open champion employed strange tactic for St Andrews

Oosthuizen's red dot solution

GOLFmagic is convinced that if the world ended today, all that would survive would be cockroaches, Facebook and Louis Oosthuizen.

With the Open champion still very much enjoying his 15 minutes in the spotlight, his sports psychologist is the latest person to speak out about the South African.

Contrary to the beaming smile we saw last week, Karl Morris insists Oosthuizen was not always the happy-go-lucky player we’ve been led to believe he is.

At the Ernie Els Foundation, he was seen as possessing not only huge potential, but a short temper.

And Morris described the 27-year-old as “a mess” mentally.

“His brain was scrambled,” he said.

“He was like a safe cracker who knows all the numbers but doesn’t know what order to put them.”

The solution? Morris drew a red dot on his glove which acted as a trigger to focus before each shot.

It clearly worked as Oosthuizen powered his way to the Claret Jug, leaving amateur golfers up-and-down the country scrambling for the red marker pen.

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