Streakers bare the cost

Streakers at this year's Open championship pay the price for their displays.

Streakers bare the cost

The Fife Police, and the local Fife courts have lived up to their policy of zero tolerance, which they publicised before this year’s Open Championship in St. Andrews.

The Open witnessed a record tally of five streakers this year. Possibly encouraged by a £10,000 anonymously offered bounty, for anyone who bared all on the hallowed golf turf. A prize offering which the police later described as irresponsible.

The quintet of nudists are being made to pay for their naked forays. The first to be caught on Thursday also spent three days in police custody, missing the rest of The Open for his trouble.

Barrie Dorman, 28, of Tyne and Wear was fined £200 for turning somersaults on the 18th fairway and perching naked on the course's Swilken Bridge. Michael Duncan, 22, of Dundee was fined £100. The same fine was given to Carol Louitt, 37, of Inverurie; Julie Methven, 23, of Cupar; and Jaqueline Salmond of Kirkaldy - who danced on the 18th green, as eventual winner Tiger Woods walked towards her.

On fining the exhibitionists, sheriff Patrick Davies branded their actions as 'evil'.
"The evil of this offence lies in the damage it can do to the concentration of players. The consequences could be significant,” he said.

Possibly as a demonstration of its well known appreciation of nudity, the Daily Sport newspaper today announced that it would also be bearing all - by picking up the tab for the fines that is.

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