Why Craig's golf game No.1

Clash of computer whizz-kids

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Fri, 22 Nov 2002
Why Craig's golf game No.1

Craig Kinzler is virtually the world’s No.1 golfer – and that’s a fact.

Never heard of him? Well among his peers he’s the best in the business and rarely gets off his stool!

Kinzler has just won the world video golf game title in an Orlando sports bar by holing a short putt at the 18th hole of the ‘King’s Canyon’ course as his opponent Ryan Fehrens, a 23-year-old Canadian student, watched his final drive bounce off an embankment and into a water hazard.

"He's the best player in the world, and he proved it," said Fehrens, one of 32 Golden Tee video golf specialists to reach the world finals. Golden Tee is most-played virtual golf game in the world.

Kinzler, 23, an aspiring pro golfer from Schaumburg, Illinois won $15,000 by claiming the title, adding to the $50,000 he’s already picked up in minor events. Over 100,000 machines are played around the world, grossing more than $350million at $3 a time for ‘18 holes.’

Through a computer network, players can compare scores with competitors everywhere and face off in Golden Tee tournaments. Frequent players even have their own personalised ‘Gold Cards’ which store their identities, handicap, ranking and stats for the machines to read.